Our Founding documents were handwritten on parchment, but our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are the barriers between freedom and tyranny.  The parchment documents cannot protect us, but they give us the power to protect ourselves and our country.  Let us all come together as patriots and protect these documents and this great Republic.

Revest21, Inc. is a Marathon County based 501(c)3 Nonprofit dedicated to educating people about our Founding Documents, Founding Fathers, our government, and the history of our great country.


  1. Celebrate the birthday of our Constitution every September

  2. Hold educational presentations by experts speakers on these subjects

  3. Work with schools to implement Constitution based studies

  4. Hold public meetings to discuss current unconstitutional issues ​

  5. Use fair booths and holiday parade floats to promote our mission

  6. Work with like minded groups in Wisconsin to create a strong grass roots army

  7. Create fundraising events to help kids travel to historic places and events 


  1. Patriotic citizens with a drive to protect our freedoms

  2. Volunteers to help organize and participate in events

  3. People in leadership positions

  4. Marketing team members

  5. Fund Raising team

  6. Youth activity team

  7. Social media team

  8. Event planning team

9. Writers

10.Website designers

11. Those with a desire to help!



   All donations will be put to work right here in Wisconsin.  Volunteers and board members are unpaid, and we do not accept funding from any government programs. 

This will be a success "Of the people, by the people!"  

At this time our means of accepting donations are:

PayPal or by check.  See button below to use Paypal

Make checks out to Revest21 Inc. 

Send  to: 

Revest21, Inc.

246009 Nehrbass Rd.

Athens, WI. 54411



Check back frequently as we continue to build our website and add more content.

Thanks for your patience.

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Use this area to ask questions or comment on the website, or, click on the email link above, (info@revest21.com) to email us directly.

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