Revest21, Inc. is a Marathon County WI. based 501(c)3 Nonprofit organized for educational and charitable purposes.   

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   Our Constitution and Declaration of Independence are the barriers between freedom and tyranny.  They give us the power to protect ourselves from those who seek to destroy our freedoms!


Support Liberty & Freedom minded organizations seeking to educate people on the Founding documents and their God Given rights found in our Constitution, by:

  • Funding transportation to rally's, seminars and other events

  • Fund trips for adults and children to the State Capital​

  • Provide funding for educational speakers and Civics Presentations

  • Holding fundraising events such as raffles, drawings and competitions.

  • Helping schools raise funds to take kids to: Historic sites, Famous historical events and tributes.

  • Helping schools do Constitution Week events and presentations as required in all Federally funded schools.

  • Holding schools accountable to historical, fact based curriculum




  • with drive and determination to succeed

  • to help organize events

  • who enjoy working with like minded people.

  • concerned about our younger generations future

  • who feel the urgency of our country's plight

  • who want to have fun while fighting for a great cause!

 If your situation does not allow you to physically join us, but want to be part of the team, consider a monetary donation of any size.


Volunteer and monetary support are both equally critical to our teams success.

   All donations will be put to work right here in Wisconsin.  Volunteers and board members are unpaid, and we do not accept funding from any government programs. 

This will be a success "Of the people, by the people!"  

Click "Donate" below, or, Send a check to: 

Revest21, Inc.

246009 Nehrbass Rd.

Athens, WI. 54411



Check back frequently as we continue to build our website and add more content.

Thanks for your patience.

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