Revest21, Inc. is a Central WI. based 501(c)3 Nonprofit organized for educational and charitable purposes.   

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   Our Constitution and Declaration of Independence are the barriers between freedom and tyranny.  They give us the power to protect ourselves from those who seek to destroy our freedoms!




  • Introduce local groups to: The Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Accurate American historic facts

  • Promote the formation of "Call To Action" teams

  • Help local groups bring skilled speakers into the community to help convey the seriousness of our situation to the local population.

  • Present awareness of current real life situations in our world and how to address them.

  • Promote the implementation of action plans in each community, to address each of the real world situations we face today and tomorrow.






  • To help plan and organize education events

  • Who want to fix problems, rather then talk about them

Board Members:​ All board members are active volunteers who should have good people and technical skills.  We need leaders with: w

  • Marketing skills

  • Speaking skills 

  • Website and social media skills

  • Other skills that can add to our success

If you are a God fearing patriot who:

  • Believes in this great country

  • Is serious about working hard to get results

  • Realizes this is probably a "Now or Never situation.....          

 Contact us now at:

 If your situation does not allow you to physically join us as a volunteer, but would like to contribute to our success, consider a monetary donation of any size. Volunteers and monetary support are both very important.

   All donations will be put to work right here in Wisconsin.  Volunteers and board members are unpaid, and we do not accept funding from any government programs. 

This will be a success "Of the people, by the people!"  

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Check back frequently as we continue to build our website and add more content.

Thanks for your patience.

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